Do you have a home to sell?

BEFORE you waste thousands of dollars paying “typical” and “traditional” commission rates charged by “old school” agents (as high as 6% or 7%), please read on. The best real estate agents today embrace technology and use the latest technological advancements to provide 5-star service to clients and being able to do so at a lower cost than they would expect to pay.No, we are not talking about “discount agents” that provide little or no service at a low commission rate.  Instead,  we are talking about some of the best, and most professional real estate agents in the industry providing unparalleled service at a price that is truly a great value to you!

How much can you save as a seller with a FAIR commission?

Agents that are part of our Fair Commission Rate network will list and sell your house for 3.95% total commission* (includes buyers commision).  So, for example, on a $400,000 home, you can save $8,200 – $12,200 in commissions over a traditional commission rate of 6% – 7%.

There are some reasonable conditions, of course.  There is no way we can offer a commission rate as low as 3.95% and truly deliver the level of service we promise for every listing, in every price range in every area.  It’s not “getting” your listing that is important to us.  What is important to us is getting your home sold and closed for the highest price the market will bear, looking out for, and protecting your interests along the way, and ensure that the whole experience is a pleasant one for you.

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